•  Leading company in the field of MR safety and compatibility testing.
•  Tests according to current standards (ASTM, ISO, EN) and accredited tests according to
ISO 17025 quality management.

RF coil safety incl. numerical assessment,
• MR sequence development
• Research and development of new norms and standards before transfer into practice.

ONE-STOP-SHOP for MRI Tools, Accessories and Equipment provide online a wide range of more than 350 products and services for the MRI Environment.

•Easy Jector is addressing the needs of easy to use
•Extremely affordable, low error margin and it comes with a substantially new business model 
works with pre-filled syringes.

• Specialized in development, manufacture and sales of products for image-guided therapy and diagnostics.

 d evelopment of 3D tomographic ultrasound solutions

• pioneering better patient outcomes by expanding the access to micro-invasic interventions.

• intelligent shift scheduling at the touch of a button
• developed by radiologists for the healthcare sector
• Market leader for radiology in Germany

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