Since 2018, the Medi-Tech-Park has been the innovative campus that unites established companies and partners, MR:comp GmbH, MRI-STaR GmbH and MRI-tec, which are specialized in the field of medical engineering, especially MR safety and MR compatibility.

The focus and key competence fields are testing services for MR safety and MR compatibility, R&D design support for MR products, research and education services as well as distribution of MR Safe &Conditional products.

For more than 15 years, MR:comp GmbH has been the leading company in the field of MR safety and compatibility testing. We perform tests according to current standards (ASTM, ISO, EN) and offer accredited tests according to ISO 17025 quality management.

The ONE-STOP-SHOP for MRI Tools, Accessories and Equipment provide online a wide range of more than 350 products and services for the MRI Environment.

MRI-STaR – Magnetic Resonance Institute for Safety, Technology and Research GmbH focuses on supporting of medical device manufacturers during their product design phase:

• RF coil safety incl. numerical assessment,

• MR sequence development,

• Development and optimization of numerical simulation methods (e. g. RF-induced interactions, gradient-induced heating/vibration and artifact simulation)

• Research and development of new norms and standards before transfer into practice.

The novel EASY JECTOR is addressing the needs of EASY TO USE, EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE, LOW ERROR MARGIN, and it comes with a substantially new BUSINESS MODEL.The system is in its 4th iteration now and also works with pre-filled (+ certified) syringes. We also have already developed a Controlling, Q&A, Ordering and Management Software that runs on SMARTPHONEs.